In-house promotions, increased sales and ad revenue


If you are looking for ways to increase sales for events, upsell food and drinks offerings, deliver future event information, incorporate promotions and local news and community events in the Bars and nightclubs than digital signage can be the right solution for you. Keep up to date with real time scheduling allowing latest promos to change with immediate effect throughout the day. Easily add photo, video, live websites, rss feeds, news tickers plus lots of unique management features.

Ride Bahamas Digital Signage allows you to create your own in-house advertising with 100% of the profits going to you. Get paid by your distributors to run their promotions or create some in-house promotions of your own to increase sales.

Digital signage influences your customers buying decisions leaving you to simply entertain them.



Our platform is managed online and remotely. By logging into your online platform, you can create, upload, manage and schedule content to play at your bars or clubs at any location countrywide or let us do it for you.



Set a timer to each individual file within your playlist, which enables you to decide which content you want to show and at which time of the day, weekday or any other freely definable time frame or create a loop of images that will play as long as you want. The result is dynamic playlists tailored specifically to your requirements.