What do you think is better, a high-gloss poster of a Mercedes in front of a Resort, or gripping video of that same Mercedes zipping through the Bahamian coast?

The answer is as obvious to everyone as it seems, which is why we encourage auto dealerships across the Bahamas to roll out its digital signage network — providing in-house, long-format informational programming as well as showroom video walls to create a visceral buying experience.

Create a dealership specific channel through digital signage as an important “defensive marketing” capability for dealers. Instead of showing cable TV in various waiting areas, Communicate important information like servicing wait times and news. That also means dealerships can make sure their competitors ads aren’t playing in their dealership.

Another of the key areas digital signage is crucial to dealerships is creating sales out of the service area of the dealership. The screens can promote the idea of trading-in while the customer is at the service desk and again in the service waiting area. Therefore, when your salesperson approaches the customer about a VIP trade offer or the Vehicle Lease program, the customer has already been exposed to the messaging several times.

Digital signage engages prospective customers of dealerships even in showroom. It’s unavoidable that when customer  walks  into large open spaces and they see these screens with a car being top of mind, it’ a moment to get their attention in a way that wouldn’t have by any other medium.


Let’s Summarize Digital Signage Benefits for Dealerships:

1 Reach more customers
2. Attract attention
3. Highly engaging
4. Drive impulse purchases
5. Promote individual items