We are proud to be the pioneers of digital media advertising platform in our public transits located in Nassau, New Providence. With the first set installation of monitors in the public buses the digital advertising in the Bahamas has moved to a new level, keeping up with the worldwide advertising trends. With this service, it enables brands to present their company to a more diverse audience.

Our In Transit Platform will be introduced in buses that frequent the Cable Beach district and Downtown areas. These 2 areas generate both locals and tourists, enabling your brand to gain international and local exposure. Focusing on the local market, we are also installing our monitors in buses that generate a wider audience in areas such as the South Western (Carmichael, Gladstone etc.), Eastern district (Fox Fill) and Central.

It is factored in that the average hours of operation for our public transits are 5am-7pm.  Each bus can fit up to 28 persons in one route making 7-10 routes a day.  With displaying 10 secs to 30 secs ads in a loop, your ad can reach a minimum of 19,600 captive viewers a week per bus. Our platform inludes monitors in 30 buses on all major bus routes in New Providence which total 588.000 viewers a week!

Our platform will gain your brand international and local exposure, increase sales and walk-ins, and create a convenient and efficient way to advertise.

Call us today or email us at advertise@ridebahamas.com to get a quote.