Inform, entertain and build relationship with your fitness community

Visual communication is essential to the gym and fitness centers member experience.  It’s the ultimate way  enhance their experience.

Here are 6 ways how you can use digital displays in your fitness center to engage and grow your audience:


  • Relevant Entertainment Content

A scenario most of the gym members have experienced – while on the treadmill, listening to favorite workout music, on the TV screen in front of you at the same time you are watching a rerun Teen Wolf, when a commercial comes on advertising the most delicious looking hamburger you’ve ever laid eyes on. Not only was this ad torturous to endure, it was also highly irrelevant to health-conscious audience.

With a digital signage solution, while working out gym members can be shown inspirational fitness tips, custom RSS feeds, workout video suggestions, and even ads for relevant products like a detox salad or fashionable fitness clothes. Likewise, digital displays can also cater to specific audiences throughout the day. For those before-work workouts, screens can show morning inspiration and help clients get in the right mindset to start their day. For evening workouts, screens can show stretching tips to help people relax and unwind after their day.


  • Wayfinding and Safety

Safety is always a priority for any exercising space. With digital displays, it’s simple and effective to display tips on how to use fitness equipment and properly stretch before and after workouts. Digital displays can also be used to show group class information and can be updated instantly for instructor changes or any last minute class cancellations.


  • Advertising Opportunity

Digital displays can also be used as ad space where local advertisers who are looking to reach a health-conscious audience can advertise. Think vegan restaurant or the fitness gear store. Advertisers will love the ability to directly reach an ultra-engaged audience and your clients will appreciate the end of irrelevant ads.


  • Get Social

Social media is a major channel of communication and also a great way to build a community around your fitness club. With an Instagram app for digital displays, you can have your clients recent #Fitspiration posts displayed in your gym or studio reception area. This is particularly effective for specialty classes like cross fit, Pilates and Yoga. Members love sharing the new, unique class they just took and you’ll love the free advertising your clients give you on their social accounts.


  • Gamify Workouts

Gamification is a  marketing trend worldwide. The concept is simple; marketers create competitions or games where clients compete. Your company will be the winner for sure since clients who compete will feel more involved and therefore more loyal to your brand. Gamifying workouts can happen in an infinite amount of ways. Maybe you want to show off your clients who’ve accomplished major body transformation.  Allowing customers to engage via games and competitions will stop your members from debating whether or not to renew their gym membership and start getting them excited about your fitness programs or the most recent high score like number of weightlifting reps.


  • Promote Upcoming Events or Special Deals

Use Digital displays to tell your clients about upcoming events and special deals you’re offering. Talk about your upcoming 3 for 3 membership pack deal while clients wait to start their class. Or, create a video about the cycling club your gym started and promote it on your screens during spinning classes. The digital displays allow you to customize your promotions and make sure are in front of the right sets of eyes.

Overall, using digital screens means a more connected fitness space – connected to your online presence and connected to your members at your location. You can easily update content to meet the ever-changing needs of your audience.